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We’re part of the Santander Group, one of the world’s largest banking groups that is committed to helping small businesses prosper.

Our flexible, short-term business loans can provide the capital you need to help your business get its feet off the ground and grow. Once approved, see what you can borrow upfront and get the money you need into your account in minutes.

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About our short-term business loans – Business Capital

Starting or growing a small business should be exciting. But when it comes to getting finance for your business, it can feel like you are spending even more time getting a loan rather than doing your thing.

We understand it’s important to be cash-ready for any upcoming opportunities

We can help you access the finance you need with a short-term loan. Whether you need to manage cash flow gaps, expand your business, purchase more stock or cover costs while waiting for customers to pay you, we’ve got you covered with our quick short-term business loans.

Business Capital provides flexible, short-terms loans to businesses – with an easy application and the option to take multiple loans over different terms. Offering cash injections to businesses of all sizes across a range of industries, Business Capital allows you to have control over your loan.

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Why choose Business Capital?

We offer a flexible way to access the finance you need in the short-term, so you’re in control of what you borrow. Business Capital enables you to see how much you can borrow before paying any cash up front. With no obligations, you can determine how much to borrow, and then access the funding you need to help your business grow.

Simple, fast and handy

With Business Capital, once you’re approved, you can apply for a loan when you need it. We know how fast paced business can be, which is why we’ll get the money in your account within minutes.

Our application process is easy to fill in. We’ll ask you some simple questions about you and you’re your business, such as how long you’ve been up and running and your annual turnover.

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Flexible for your needs

We know businesses need to be ready to react to the ups and downs. Which is why, with Asto, you can take out multiple loans over different terms up to your credit limit amount. So, whatever comes up, you’ll be able to have access to funds to keep moving as soon as your business needs it.

Once you’ve fully repaid your short-term business loan, credit amounts will be added back to your limit, ready for you to use again, so you’ll always feel ready.

You have control

With Business Capital, you have full control over how much of your credit limit you want to borrow and for how long, from six to 12 months. Your credit limit will convey how much you have access to at any one time. However, there is no cost to have a credit limit and no obligation to use it.

It is up to you how much money you use and which day of the month to pay – flexible for small businesses in any industry. With no early repayment fees, you are free to tailor the loan to your needs.

You have control
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No hidden fees

Businesses are entitled to apply for a loan of any sum between £150 and your allocated credit limit (maximum £150,000). There are no hidden fees or charges. We’ll tell you at the time you apply how much it will cost you. If you are happy with the price and accept the terms, the money will be in your bank account within minutes.

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Business Capital vs traditional loan: what’s the difference?

Whether you’re borrowing from a bank, credit broker or payday loan service, you may want to know what sets Business Capital apart from the crowd. Traditional lending schemes, such as personal and payday loans, often accrue higher rates of interest. At Business Capital our interest rates start at 8.9% APR (18.9% APR representative).

When taking out a traditional loan, the terms can be quite rigid. That’s not the case here at Business Capital, with loans starting at as little as £150. The length of your loan may also be fixed, with many organisations offering a minimum of one year. Business Capital offers flexible loans, giving you control of you loan period – anywhere between six and 12 months.

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Our helpful UK-based customer service team are on hand to answer your questions and to help you get set up. You can reach them on 0808 164 4277 from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays) between 8.00am – 6.00pm

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