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  • Simple to use
  • Unlock the cash in your invoices on the go with your mobile

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  • Free up cash from your invoices up to your Invoice Finance Pot’s value
  • Use any eligible invoice, even ones not made in Asto

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How it works

Challenged by long customer payment terms? Need cash sooner for that next job? Or just want a little help with your cashflow?

App Screen - Discovering your Invoice Finance Pot

Apply for an Invoice Finance Pot

Find out the total value of your invoices you can unlock to help your business. We call this amount your Invoice Finance Pot.

We’ll ask you some questions, do a ‘soft’ credit check, and you’ll have a quick answer.

Facial recognition

Confirm ID and bank details

Take a selfie, a snapshot of your ID, and enter your bank details so we can set up your Invoice Finance Pot.

App Screen - Submit an invoice

Upload an eligible invoice

Just take a snap, upload the invoice you’ve sent to a customer, and enter the details in the app. Bear in mind, you can’t go over your Invoice Finance Pot amount, whether it’s on one invoice or many.

App Screen - Adjust the payment date and fee

See how much it could cost

We’ll show you our fee before you decide to unlock your invoice. This fee is based on the total invoiced amount, the date we’ve agreed you’ll pay us, and your business circumstances.

App Screen - Invoice financed

Get the money

If you’re happy with the fee and our terms and conditions, hit ‘Accept’. We’ll buy your invoice and send the money, minus our fee, to your account. It’s usually there within minutes, but may take a little longer.

When the due date we’ve agreed comes around, we’ll collect your payment by Direct Debit. We’ll never take any money from your account without you agreeing up front. You’re still responsible for collecting on our behalf the money due from your customer for the invoice we’ve bought.

How can it help me?

Free up money in your invoices

Once you’re set up with your Invoice Finance Pot, you can quickly unlock money in your invoices with Invoice Finance to help smooth your cashflow.

Customers you know and trust

It’s important to remember you’re still responsible for getting your customers to pay you and to collect the invoice amount on our behalf. You’ll need to pay us on the day we’ve agreed, so you should use Invoice Finance for invoices sent to customers you trust will pay you on time

Check if you’re eligible

  • You have a private limited company or are a sole trader in the UK
  • You raise invoices between £150 – £100,000

If you’d like more information, have a look at our frequently asked questions and check out our terms and conditions.

Good to know

We’re like a start-up

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We’re backed by Santander

It’s the best of both worlds – we have the ideas and enthusiasm of a start-up, with the comfort and security of being backed by a long-standing bank. A grown-up start-up, if you like.

Asto is powered by Santander

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Invoice Finance

  • What is Asto’s Invoice Finance?

    Invoice Finance is a handy way to unlock the money from your unpaid invoices before your customers pay you. Usually called ‘invoice discounting’, we pay you the money due on your invoice, minus our fee, in return for you selling to us the debt owed to you under the invoice.

    We agree on a date (up to 15 days from the due date you have agreed with your customer) when you’ll pay us the full amount of the invoice. You’re still responsible for collecting the money due from your customer on our behalf.

  • Who is eligible?

    The following business entity types are currently eligible:

    • Sole traders
    • Private limited companies

    We are working to make Partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnerships eligible in the future.

    You must be an owner or director of your business and:

    • Be aged 18 or over and a UK resident
    • Not be bankrupt or subject to current bankruptcy proceedings and not previously disqualified as a director
    • If the business is a private limited company, it must not be in administration or in the process of being wound up or dissolved
    • The business must be UK based (and for private limited companies, UK registered as well)
  • What is a Invoice Finance Pot?

    Your Invoice Finance Pot is the total value of invoices that we are willing to buy from you at any given time. Your Invoice Finance Pot is not a credit facility. We ultimately decide whether to buy the invoice amount owing under a particular invoice each time you offer to sell us one of your invoices. Your Invoice Finance Pot gives you an idea of the total value of invoices you could offer to sell to us so you can plan your cash flow needs. You can agree to sell as many invoices as you like, as long as the total amount is within this limit at any given time. There’s no obligation for you to use it and you only pay a fee for the invoices you choose to finance.

  • How long does it take to apply for a Invoice Finance Pot?

    It should take minutes to complete the application, depending on your business. If you need to find some information, you can save what you’ve done part-way through and come back to it when you’re ready.

    Assuming we don’t need any other information from you, you will likely receive an answer straight after you’ve submitted your application. If we do need more information, it could take longer to give you an answer.

  • How much could it cost?

    The cost depends on the value of your invoice, the date we’ve agreed you’ll pay us, and your personal daily fee. We can agree a payment date that is up to 15 days later than your customer’s payment due date.

    For example, if your customer is due to pay an invoice by 10 June, you can choose to pay us on a day that falls between 10 days from today and 25 June. The shorter the period you select, the lower your fee will be.