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Senior Salesforce Administrator

Engineering Full Time London

Senior Salesforce Administrator

Reporting Line: Head of Architecture and Cybersecurity

Impact: You enable our back office with a single view of our customer across the entire business. You build the workflows, dashboards, integrations and reports we need to run the business smoothly.
You are coming on board when we have very little automation in the back-office and have essentially a greenfield to work from.

What’s in it for you?
We are committed to continuous learning, mentoring and coaching, giving people the room to fail and to grow. We are still a small team where everyone counts, and you own what you build. We are one of the first speedboats of Santander, blazing the trail for innovation. Our training budget goes to online courses, conferences, books or other means of learning.
Your team will be built around you, and you own the back-office. Your current mission is to build a foundation for the business to grow on.

A day in your life …
You know how to get things done with ServiceCloud and MarketingCloud. You sit with your customers to understand their needs and you show them what can be done. You take great pride in what you build, lead the team by example and focus on delivering value in a sustained pace.

How we work
We believe that quality comes from mastery and simplicity, that doing things as well as we can is its own reward. Leadership is a behavior, not a job title. We use a blend of scrum and XP, but still have a way to go. Work life balance is important to everyone, from the CEO on down, so we typically get our work done during the day. We are moving to a model where each squad owns the full vertical from frontend to DevOps, supported by a lean and mean platform team.

Highlights from our environment
• Software as a Service integrations via APIs: Direct Debit, Payments, Lending, Credit bureaus, KYB/KYC bureaus, Identity Verification
• Codacity, Codecov, git, CircleCI, Clair, Testflight, maven, AppsFlyer, Jest, PACT
• Swift, Java / Spring, Node / Koa, GoLang, Mongo, Postgres
• AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, Consul, DataDog, Kafka, Terraform