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Website Specialist

Marketing Full Time London

About us

We’re a bunch of techies, creatives and friendly finance folk, who’ve run our own businesses and side gigs – and helped others do the same. So we’ve come together, with Santander’s backing, to shake things up.

What if doing expenses from paper receipts was as simple as snapping a selfie? And you could get a clear view of your finances with a simple heads-up?

We’re here to save you time. Cut headaches. Smooth hassles. To make repetitive admin, endless paperwork, and tedious typing into spreadsheets, a thing of the past.

So we’ve created a place – for quick answers and inspiration. Business owner to business owner. A growing resource from people who go through the same as you.

And we’re making an app – your pocket business helper. Always on hand to make working life simpler.

The Role

Overseeing all aspects of Asto website development

Key Responsibilities

  • Support and implement the Asto website strategy​
  • Monitor and report on all website performance aspects and optimise accordingly​
  • Build website development in accordance with Asto’s Product roadmap​
  • Implement and optimise website structure for global deployment​
  • Support on all marketing technologies and tools assessment, decision and implementation​
  • Responsible for building and maintaining marketing dashboards ​
  • Work with the research and insight team when required to build landing page for testing purpose​
  • Support partnership program by building wireframes ​
  • Optimise all technical aspects of SEO.
  • Report to the business on our website SEO performance and provide recommendations for improvements​


  • Detailed understanding of WordPress, being able to build out our CMS platform bespoke to requirements​
  • Experience of building with RESTful APIs [HTTP/JSON] data​
  • Experienced in modern front end framework best practices with HTML, CSS, Object Orientated JS​
  • Experience with Version Control [Git]​
  • Experienced in using build tools: bower, gulp, grunt etc​
  • Knowledge of Technical SEO best practices and how to implement​
  • Experienced in reading and reporting on Analytics data from marketing platforms such as the Google Suite​
  • Experience in digital strategy and taking ownership of web deliverables​
  • Experience in user testing, A/B optimisation and reporting​

Personal Skills

  • Good collaboration and communication skills​
  • Resilient to change and pace whilst also showing resourcefulness and the ability to work through challenging problems​
  • Optimistic, open and personal​


  • Industry experience essential.
  • Proven track record of delivering web products.​