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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Asto Business Capital is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers may continue to log into their accounts as usual.

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Total loan amount


Term: months

Interest payable: £, which is % of the loan amount or an average of £ per month

Your monthly repayments will be £

Rates from 8.9% APR, 18.9% APR representative*

Representative example: If you borrowed £1,000.00 for 7 months at 17.4% (fixed) p.a. (18.9% APR representative), the interest on the loan would be £58.83 and the total amount repayable would be £1,058.83. The monthly repayments would be £151.26. Your interest rate will depend on your circumstances so may differ from the representative APR. To lend responsibly, all loans are subject to status and eligibility checks. Indemnities and guarantees may be required. Information and rates correct as at 04.09.2020

  • Get £150 - £150,000
  • For 6 - 12 months
  • When you need it
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We’re part of the Santander Group, one of the world’s largest banking groups that is committed to helping small businesses prosper.

Be cash-ready for your next opportunity

Business Capital is a flexible way to access funding on your terms. It provides you with an up front, no cost and no obligation credit limit so you can see how much your business can borrow. Then you can access the funding you need, when you need it, to help fill cash flow gaps, buy extra stock, invest in your short-term business needs, or cover costs while waiting for customers to pay you

Apply once
Use when you need to

Your credit limit shows you exactly how much money your business has access to at any one time. You’re in control of how much you want to borrow and for how long (up to 12 months).

  • No cost to discover your business' credit limit or obligation to use it
  • Take out multiple loans over different periods (subject to your credit limit)
  • Once repaid, loan amounts are added back to your business’ credit limit.

To apply, tell us about you and your business. You should get a decision in minutes.

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How it works

See what you can get
Once you’ve applied and have a credit limit, you know exactly how much you have available at any time
Here when you need it
Decide when and how much you want to borrow up to your credit limit, knowing you can have the cash in your account in minutes
Set your term length
Choose the repayment term that suits your business, from 6 to 12 months, and see the interest costs for your loan
Easy repayments
Pick which day of the month your Direct Debit is collected. Pay back earlier at no extra cost and save on interest charges

Why choose Business Capital?

You’re in control. You decide how much you use, which day of the month to pay, and there’s no early repayment fees
Simple application
We need just a few details about you and your business. You’ll get a quick decision at no cost or obligation
Clear pricing
See the total amount you can access upfront and only pay for the money you borrow. No hidden fees or charges
Part of Santander
We’re proud to be part of the Santander family, whose purpose is to help people and businesses prosper

Can I use Business Capital?

We’re here to help all sorts of businesses and people who work for themselves anywhere in the UK. To be eligible, you’ll need:

  • To be a sole trader or a private limited company (UK registered)
  • To be over 18 and UK resident
  • Have good credit history and no bankruptcy declarations in the last 3 years (sole traders and company directors)
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Is Business Capital regulated?

Asto is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, the FCA doesn’t regulate all lending to companies or businesses. The table below summarises the Business Capital loans that are subject to the protections of regulated loans, and those that are not.

Borrower typeLoan amount - £25,000 or lessLoan amount - More than £25,000
Sole TraderRegulatedNot Regulated
Limited CompanyNot RegulatedNot Regulated

Some important things to know

  • Business Capital is a fixed sum loan, not an overdraft or credit card. You are applying to borrow a fixed amount of money from us and will have to repay it by monthly instalments over the term you select. This is not an overdraft or a credit card, but we have designed Business Capital as a short-term lending product to help you manage your cash flow. Your credit limit is there to give you clarity on how much you could borrow, if you needed to, without having to worry about whether a bank would lend to you when you spot an opportunity or need to plug a temporary cash flow hole.
  • Business Capital is not suitable for long term borrowing needs. Business Capital is a short-term lending product designed to help you manage your business’s cash flow. The maximum duration of the loan is 12-months so it is not suitable for longer term financing, like buying new vehicles or expensive equipment.
  • This is a business loan. You cannot use it for personal purposes or for anything unconnected to your business, or anything illegal, obviously
  • Not keeping up with repayments could impact your ability to obtain additional credit. If you don't keep up repayments on your loans, we may have to report this to credit rating agencies. This could impact your ability to obtain credit in the future. You will also incur a charge of £15 if you miss a payment.
  • You can withdraw from regulated Business Capital loans within 14 days. If you change your mind, for any reason, let us know within 14 days and you can cancel the Business Capital loan. You will have to repay any money we have paid to you in relation to that loan without delay. Call us on 0808 164 4277 if you want to withdraw from a Business Capital loan.

Important documents

Below you will find copies of our Business Capital agreements. You will need to enter into a loan agreement with us every time you take out a Business Capital loan. A director’s personal guarantee will be required if your business is a private limited company.

Limited companies

Sole traders

Regulated loans

Unregulated loans

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