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Work in Progress season 2 – Project you: Finding your niche & building your community

In this episode, we bring you another great discussion hosted by Angelica Malin and two inspirational founders about how to find your focus, why it’s vital to try and innovate, and the importance of building and supporting your community. Also covered are the shifts in the working environment that’s changing how employers and employees operate.

Our guests this time are:

Pip Jamieson, the founder of professional networking site The Dots, a place for professionals to showcase their creativity and create an online portfolio. Her company regularly check in with the community, both online and in person, making changes based on the feedback they receive.

Rupert Dean, who co-founded X+Why – a co-working space for purpose-based, sustainable businesses. Dean believes it’s important to focus on giving back, looking beyond simply turning a profit. By holding your community close to what you do, you strengthen your bond with them.

A quick summary

If you don’t keep your goals in mind, it can be very easy to lose focus of what your business is meant to be. That’s why Rupert believes it’s important to have “…a very clear purpose of what you’re trying to do, what’s your ultimate goal…what [you’re] trying to achieve.’

It’s also vital that you’re not holding back. “If you’re scared of failure, if you get impatient, if you don’t feel like you’re succeeding and want to stop,” Rupert says, “you’re more likely to fail.” Pip agrees. “Failure is this parcel of innovation. If you’re not failing, you’re not innovating.”

And in tech, innovation is key. That’s why Pip makes sure The Dots focuses on innovations the community wants. “If [the community] isn’t responding to it, then there’s no point.”

This is a sentiment Rupert holds dear, too. “You should be looking at how you’re helping your community.”

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“We’ve really involved our community,” Pip continues. “We have a beta club, they try new features, so we get really early indications of whether this thing is going to fly.”

But what about the way people approach work? According to both guests, employees want to be purpose driven and inspired, not just be paid well. “There was this myth that money bought you happiness,” says Pip, “and I think the generations coming through are realising that’s not the case”

And according to Rupert, the employer is also changing. “[They’re] becoming less focused on what they want…it’s more about looking after the employee. And the employee wants a work/life balance – and a reason for being – beyond profit.”

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