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Work In Progress season 2 – Entrepreneurial Mindset: Innovation, change and being reactive

In this episode, Angelica Malin is joined by three entrepreneurs to talk all about mindset, innovation and being reactive to changes in circumstance, both personally and professionally.

Our guests this time are

Aron Gelbar, the founder of Bloom and Wild. His company fills a gap in the flower delivery market, providing fresh flowers that can fit through a letterbox. Aron was driven to create an innovative flower delivery option for customers.

Richard Wilkinson co-founded Doisy and Dam, a young UK confectionary brand, with his best friends from childhood. Doisy and Dam was born to make chocolate more exciting. They’re nontypical flavour combinations have carved out a niche in quirky flavoured chocolate.

And Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of Heights, a human potential supplements company. Dan’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur, having started a number of businesses over the years. He’s also the host of the podcast Secret Leaders.

A quick summary

All our founders agreed that it was important to be flexible, to adapt and refine your business as you learn. Richard commented that it was easy to let your judgement as a founder be clouded by your personal passion for your concept.

Sometimes, it’s crucial to put your ego aside, he says. “If you let your ego make decisions, it can be incredibly difficult. Letting things about your passion project die is an incredibly hard but necessary thing to do.”

Aron agrees it’s important to refine your concept when things don’t go as planned. “After letterbox flowers took off, I was convinced letterbox orchids were going to work. Basically no one bought them,” he says. “It’s about taking that result and translating it into something else meaningful.”

Dan brings up the mental strain of being an entrepreneur, and what happens when you realise your business plan is fundamentally flawed. “Having taken £4 million in investment [for Grabble], we were given a three-month deadline by our board to come up with a new idea that could deliver on profit margin.”

Dan’s tip for building up mental strength and stress management is surprisingly simple. “By laughing at a stressful situation, you can trick your mind and build up resilience, so that next time you’re faced with the same situation, your body doesn’t have the same reaction.”


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