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Work in Progress Episode 4 – Collaborate or Die (Part 2)

United we stand, divided we fall, as the saying goes. But how do you find great people and organisations to help supercharge your company’s growth? Discover the secret to forming smart partnerships in the second part of Collaborate or Die. 

In this Episode, we talk through the pros and cons of winning over celebrity influencers. We’re speaking again to our part 1 guests, Rushina Shah, Lisa Doole, Jessie Ford and Alan Mahon. 

After a quick summary?

Rushina explains why she’s not chasing endorsements from the Kardashians. Meanwhile, Alan says how a selfie with George Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio led to an incredible boost for his company. 

The guests share their secrets to collaborating with large organisations: “There’s a lot to learn from big brands,” says Lisa. “If both sides see the value in each other, it can be really beneficial to collaborate.” 

But is there a dark side to collaboration? What happens if you pick the wrong partner? Jessie talks us through a joint venture that went awry – and how it’s shaped future deals. 


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Jessie Ford  | Alan Mahon | Rushina Shah | Lisa Doole

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