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What’s new in the Asto app

Asto app features

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our app and make it easier for our customers to use. In the last few months, we’ve added several new features – take a look and see what’s new.

Asto invoices
Updated invoice dashboard

We’ve updated our Invoice dashboard, showing more information on this screen, presenting the list of invoices that have been created simply and clearly.

Insights tab
New insights tab

We’ve added an insights tab, which means that Asto app users can see a quick overview of total revenue, outstanding and overdue invoice amounts in one place.


Export invoice and expense data
Export invoice and expense data

For sending invoices to regular clients, we’ve added our contact lookup feature – Start typing a contact’s name and the app will show you a list of people you’ve entered before that match that.

With these new features, you can organise your books in more ways that suit you. And the list doesn’t stop there. Over the next months, we’re also hoping to add some features we’ve received a lot of interest in:

  • The app will remember the items you add to your invoices, giving you the option to auto-complete them if you want
  • Adjustable VAT rates, so you can change as needed to suit new government regulations

Do your thing

Our app can help you reduce your admin time, letting you do your thing so you can get paid sooner