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Marketing my business as an individual, not a brand

Building a Brand

Over the course of developing my business, WeGym, something which has been invaluable in helping us build brand loyalty is how we communicate with our customers. In my opinion, small businesses often make the mistake of trying to pretend to be big businesses instead of leveraging the unique benefits offered through being a small start-up.

I once heard someone say, “act small, be small, get big.”

And I really resonate with this narrative.

I’m going to run through the best decisions we made at WeGym in terms of positioning our business as a friend rather than a large corporate brand, and how we have developed what we consider to be a premium service with a human touch.

Tonality is everything

One of the things I spend a lot of my time encouraging our team to consider is how we can be affectionate and approachable in our tone of voice. Everything, from how we write copy on our website’s landing pages to the emails we send to keep customers engaged, is such an important touch-point in giving people an impression of what to expect from us.

As part of this, we have really seen the power of humour and being a little bit cheeky when communicating with clients – we like to make them laugh with copy that is a little tongue-in-cheek. his doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, but the people who love it, LOVE IT. They want to tell friends and family about the fitness brand who keeps asking them if they’d “rather have pizza.”

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I remember a few years ago I had really hit a stumbling block with running the company and I was contemplating whether to keep going. I sent out an email to our client base explaining some of the situation regarding the uncertainty of WeGym’s future. I really opened up and allowed myself to be honest about how hard it can be to run a successful business.

I was vulnerable, and you know what? I had 120 responses from our clients to that email.

Most people don’t realise that if your clients enjoy your service, they want you to stick around and they want you to do well. They’re also more inclined to come on the journey when they realise there actually is a journey taking place which they can genuinely be part of.

"I think marketing as an individual also allows you to be much more customer-centric" Joshua, CEO & Co-Founder of WeGym

Customer focused

I think marketing as an individual also allows you to be much more customer-centric, which has led us to do some very unorthodox things such as treating our clients, as we call them, “Client Investors.” After all, they are the most important shareholders in the value exchange, and the ones that allow us to do the fun things we do.

Lastly, and you can find this most in our email marketing, we try hard to be the furthest thing from boring you can buy!

We write short, sharp and witty emails from a human perspective, almost always sharing a story from my personal life mixed with some fitness content, and close with a pitch to sign up to one of our sessions.

People become so much closer to a brand when they realise behind that logo is a human, just like them.

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