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Get your tech-head on

The world of technology is changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up – especially when you have the no-small-feat of keeping your business going at the same time. If you’re not in a conventionally tech-savvy field, and you’re busy managing everything that comes with running a company, or a vegan cafe, even the word itself can feel alien. It’s time to face your fears.

Technology is becoming ever more useful and user-friendly for everyone – and it can literally transform the day-to-day running, efficiency and profitability of your business. Here’s how:

Go mobile

Remember, mobile phones have evolved into powerful computers that enable your customers to do pretty much everything, wherever they are – including both researching and buying stuff online. Your business needs to capitalise on that. If you have a website (which we believe every small business should have) make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Your site will be easier for your customers to use as well as ranking higher in searches, so people will be more likely to find you. Web design platforms are simple to use and costs are no longer a barrier to entry. Hey, you could even learn to do it yourself!

Carpenter texting while working

Make it super easy for customers to buy from you

If you sell face-to-face, wherever it may be, introduce mobile payment methods, so people can buy your products or services even if they don’t have their wallet on them. Companies such as Paypal Here and Square offer good value card reader services – and they’ll make your business appear more professional too. If you’re selling online consider using LiveChat, so that you’re right there, ready to answer any objections, exactly when you have your customers’ interest. Make sure you have the most streamlined checkout and payment functionality. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify work for all payment types, on and offline, and provide extras such as marketing tools and shipping services too. The investment will be worth it.

Contactless payment in the cafeteria

Get your head in the Cloud

More and more businesses are turning away from physical data storage and migrating to the Cloud. The setup can be high effort, but the rewards are many – such as the ability to easily scale your data storage up and down, only paying for what you need; improved cyber-security (which is becoming ever more crucial); enabling true mobility in your working environment – with all documents available on all devices, wherever you are. And besides, all data is going to be stored in the Cloud eventually, so why not get on board now?

Worried father looking at smart phone

Join up your team

If you run a business where people work remotely, make use of the latest technology to aid efficiency, communication and teamwork. There’s no longer any need for crackly, impersonal conference calls, or having people stuck in their home-office feeling isolated. Try one of the great new platforms such as Slack (which is free for small teams) or Workplace by Facebook, and get your team firing on all cylinders.

Sales Assistant With Credit Card Reader On Digital Tablet