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Why communities are essential for small businesses to thrive

As a small business owner, you may find yourself constantly asking yourself - how can I build the right networks and communities for my business. How can I find them? How do I get started?

Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to connect with other like-minded individuals and communities to learn from, to be inspired by, and to find support from others who have faced the same challenges.

At the first Asto Work In Progres Series event in the beautiful spaces of Huckletree in Shoreditch London, we invited business owners who overcame the challenges of building a community for their business and to share their experiences and tips on how they succeeded.

Panel discussion at Asto Event on business communities

The event host Angelica Malin, founder of About Time Magazine was joined by Gabriela Hersham, co-founder of Huckltree and Tobi Oredein, co-founder of Black Ballad magazine and a panel of local business owners to explore the vital role community plays in business.

Gabriela Hersham speaking on communities for business
Gabriela Hersham, co-founder of Huckletree

Gabriela offered her personal insights on dealing with the isolation of running your own venture and the importance of community for her shared workspace business Huckletree.

I loved the idea you could meet loads of interesting people in just one office. It's important for founder support, but also great if we want to survey a group of people too!

Tobi explains that she started the Black Ballad magazine because “black women were invisible in the media industry, so the whole premise of the business was about building a new community”. She shared top advice with the audience:

To build a good community, you need varied people, people with different lived experiences to bring their talents to the table.

Tobi Oredein speaking at Asto Live
Tobi Oredein, co-founder of Black Ballad

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Hear more from Gabriele and Tobi live at the event here.

Listen to this

Listen to the full panel conversation from the Work In Progress Series event, in Huckletree London here.