Founder Stories

Dealing with personal pressures as a business owner

We spoke with Nina Clark, small business owner and founder of Nightire about her journey managing the pressures of starting and running a business.

4 min watch

Paperwork piles and hiring headaches

Taking your business up a level isn't easy. By the time you've done your day job, and all the business admin and paperwork – you've little energy left.

3 min watch

It’s lonely being a founder

For solo founders, not having a partner alongside you – who’s experiencing the same pressures, and making the same sacrifices – can feel very lonely.

3 min watch

Building a business around what you love

For Johnny Robinson, and 74% of small business owners and self-employed people, achieving a better work-life balance as a key motivation.

3 min watch

Surviving and thriving on the high street

Businesses on the UK high street are feeling the strain. Small retailers have to work harder than ever to encourage buyers and keep their business healthy.