the team

Dedicated to small businesses

And trying to make their lives easier

We’re here to help make running your business feel simpler. ‘Cause we get it – a lot of us do or have run our own businesses too, and we want to help smooth out your processes and your cashflow so you can focus on doing more of what you love for your business.

As a part of the Santander Group, we’ve got access to some of the best technology and experience in the banking industry, while having the mindset of a start-up. As an agile and forward thinking fintech and entrepreneurial team, we can move at speed to build simple and smart tools to help smooth out the financial and productivity challenges for small business owners so they can succeed.

Our solution

Our teams are driven to innovate and build the right tools using the latest technology and partners to help give you an all-round understanding of their your business.

We also provide access to finance, so you can grow your business or support it during a period where having some extra cash might be really handy. As our community grows, so do we. We’re still evolving, adapting and learning so that we can provide what you need.

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Our team

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Having people who have (or still do) run their own businesses lets us appreciate the struggles and areas that need improvement within the business world.

And with a robust and experienced operations team, we keep the day-to-day tasks running smoothly, making sure we’re solving small business owners’ problems, not adding to them

Diversity is a key attribute to success, which is why we’ve gathered a great team from across the world, with 20+ nationalities represented across our teams

As we all know, a team that plays together stays together, and we like to play – organising social events in and around our Liverpool Street Station office.

Team doing a scrum
Nicolette CEO of Asto

“We built Asto to empower the people behind the world’s small businesses to experience a simple way to understand their business and finances for themselves – so they can succeed”