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We’ve created a place for you – for quick answers, motivation and inspiration. Business owner to business owner. A growing resource from people who go through the same challenges as you.

28 min listen

Work in Progress Episode 4 – Collaborate or Die (Part 2)

United we stand, divided we fall, or so the saying goes. But how do you find great people and organisations to help supercharge your company’s growth? Discover the secret to forming smart partnerships in part two of Collaborate or Die.

Perspectives - 7 min read

Rushina shah on the importance of resilience as a small business owner

Everyone told her that she couldn’t do it, that her idea was too ambitious, and that seasoned entrepreneurs had failed trying. Rushina Shah, founder of popped sorghum brand Not.Corn learnt that being resilient pays off.

25 min listen

Work in Progress Episode 3 – Collaborate or Die

To be successful in the modern age, do entrepreneurs need to learn to collaborate with other bright and innovative organisations? We find out how to make working with others work for you.